Review: Accomplice

Title: Accomplice New York
Style: Immersive theatre meets treasure hunt
Where: Downtown Manhatten
When: Until October
To Note: Mobility required, alcohol and food included

Rating: 4/5

How to enjoy theatre, keep fit and see parts of Manhatten you might not otherwise experience! Accomplice is a fun, problem-solving experience which will give you your 10,000 steps all over Downtown.

You won’t receive the address until the day before you arrive and you won’t end up in the same place as you start. Along the way, you’ll be guided by a series of characters some more eccentric than others. You’ll also interact with real-life New Yorkers who will give you instructions along the way too.


You’re well guided through the experience. While your group will spend a lot of time alone walking between scenes and working out puzzles, the actors do pretty well at keeping your experience on the rails. Because of the alone time, your experience will be somewhat dependent on your group – throw an arsehole into the mix and it could be a considerably less fun experience.

Luckily my gang were lovely. We worked well together solving clues and following maps. We got a bit confused and tried to open a number of doors we had no right to access – but overall, we Worked well on the puzzles and found them just the right level of challenging and fun.

This game isn’t for everyone. You’ll be walking through crowded spaces and sometimes covering quite long distances. But for those who Can take the walking and crowds, this is a really enjoyable way to see the Lower East Side.

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