Review: XNN Systems Immersive Corporate Career Development Simulator

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Sofi Lee Henson as Dr Leon

Style: Immersive experience meets personal growth seminar
Where: Arch 504, Ridgeway Road, SE5.
When: Check for shows in June and beyond. 
To Note: Some intimacy but always with consent

Rating: 3.5/5

Ultimately, This is a rather lovely self-actualisation seminar. The group bonds through exercises to improve vocal expression, self representation and physical comfort and expression. You come in shuffling and giggling nervously, you leave having – if consented – hugged and even sniffed total strangers.

There’s an odd layer of irony that sits over what is actually a rather unironic experience. The exercises are framed as part of the ongoing world of Dr Leon, that we first encountered as part of the Feelgood Institute. Participants are told they have to improve as part of their role in the mainframe. In some ways, this feels a little like they are taking a tongue in cheek attitude to the mindfulness and self-actualisation exercises that follow.

But perhaps that works as part of a permission structure that allows jaded old buggers like me to join in. If I think I’m doing theatre rather than hippy stuff, I’m better able to join in and get the most out of the experience.

And I definitely walked away feeling much better. It was both a helpful and enjoyable experience. Ably led by Sofi Lee Henson as Dr Leon supported by a small cast of helpers to ensure the action ran smoothly, the night had a few technical issues – it’s sometimes hard to be mindful when the mic is getting too much feedback. But overall, despite the sense of a showstring budget, this lived up to the billing and had a real and lasting impact.

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