Review: Recollection


Style: Eye-opening Hyperreal drama
Where: Around London Bridge
When: Until 4th May

To Note: Not suitable for those with mobility issues.

Rating: 5/5

Meeting in a pub near Guy’s Hospital, this drama takes you through the London Bridge area, where you will meet Sarah (Rebecca Ward) and Josh (Benedict Hudson). With them you will look into your missing past and theirs.

Lost in a world of conspiracy and intrigue, you will solve puzzles and make decisions. You will have your head spun by the many twists and turns and will be surprised right up to the very last moment. You will also be faced with things you don’t really look into about yourself that you didn’t know was publically available.

This was a gripping drama. So much so that when it ended I was shocked that much time had passed. The cast is formidable – they move the action on superbly as well as allowing participants to work out their challenges. The world is fully immersive – which is impressive given how vast the world is. At one point we were even looking at a cat suspiciously – we were that lost in the drama.

Recollection can’t have been an easy or a cheap production to stage. Which makes the very reasonable ticket price (£30) and small groups all the more impressive. Director Sophie Larsmon and writer Richard Pucci have created a world that works for this piece but could also be an expanded and ongoing universe. One I would definitely be interested in losing myself in again.

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