How I became soaked in dreams


In 2014, On my first night in New York City, I was taken to see Sleep No More. I fell in love. Not just with the production, but with the entire concept of immersive theatre. Later, on that same trip, I went to Then She Fell, a smaller, much more intimate experience and knew that this was what I wanted to spend my life engaging with.

Sleep No More
Sleep No More NYC

Since then I have established myself as a theatre reviewer for View From The Cheap Seat and have recently had my first immersive theatre feature in the Independent discussing issues around consent.

This will be a place where creative pieces – produced in response to artistic experiences – will sit alongside videos, photo montages, reviews, features, news articles and listings offering a complete experience to lovers and creators of immersive theatre.

Then She Fell
Then She Fell NYC

I have chosen the name Soaked in Dreams to try to convey the sense of wonder getting lost in immersive theatre gives me. I get to play with favourite characters like Alice in Wonderland, Macbeth and Jay Gatsby; I have taken charge of the war effort and stood witness to a drug-related murder. In exploring other’s conception of the dreamscape and its impact on my imagination, immersive theatre is as close as I have come to the semi-controlled sandbox of my dreams.


Emma Burnell with the cast of For King and Country, London
Emma Burnell with the cast of For King and Country, London

Immersive theatre at its best is about living out our dreams and, through that, exploring our own boundaries, decision making and conscience. This blog will have no limitation to the style of content it hosts, as long as it is inspired by – and in the spirit of – immersive theatre.


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